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Okay, as promised/threatened:

Shawn inside a shipwreck.

Shawn petting a sea turtle on a shipwreck.

Shawn defending the USS Missouri.

Me impersonating a 1940's pin-up.

Me, about to smack myself in the head (we have some wonderful video footage but, alas, not enough bandwidth to share.)


Yes, this is a real, live lava flow.
No, it is not a zoom lense.
How cool is that?
(Not very, actually; it gets hot when you're standing next to melted rock!)

The current major volcanic vent on the Big Island, seen from the safety of a helicopter.

Something much prettier, also seen from helicopter.


"When you said, 'We're going to go play on a lava flow,' the practical part of my mind spoke up and said, 'HEY! THAT'S REALLY NOT A GOOD IDEA!' Then it tripped a circuit breaker and shut itself down."
-- Shawn,
who, as usual, ended up frolicking much further than almost anyone else (he took the above picture)

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