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Fairing much better
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tired but not too bad

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Okay, now that was good for my ego.

Shawn and I went to the Long Beach RenFaire yesterday. I decided that, since we were probably going to be hanging out with the gypsies that I should dress something the part, so I threw together a belly dancer outfit. The response was quite flattering. (Sorry, no pix, although we may take some later.)

For the most part, it was fun. It was nice to not be working, but Shawn wanted to shop and I wanted to watch the entertainment, and we ended up mostly shopping. I got my own bow! It's a 25-30 pound pull, which is a little challenging (hey, I'm small!) but gives me a bit to grow into. Very cool. I think our back yard is wide enough to set up a target, but we'll have to cover the fence so I don't impale the neighbor's apple tree. Shawn got a very cool double blade Samurai short sword (the longer one was a bit unwieldy on the draw) and some thigh-high boots (I told him I'd only let him get them if we could go to the Ojai Pirate Faire.)

Unfortunately, Shawn wasn't feeling very well -- I think he's still recuperating from last faire (and from taking care of me.) I still haven't been able to see the Poxy Boggards. Oh, well. Maybe in Las Vegas.


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