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keeping on keeping on

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Family and Harry Potter Stuff

On August 27, Shawn and I headed up to Washington for his niece's wedding. It was nice, although they're both in their very early 20s, so it wasn't an eclectically personal ceremony. I enjoyed dancing with my 70 year old, usually curmudgeonly father-in-law to Kid Rock's "I Wanna Be A Cowboy."

It was a long drive, though. I'd been saving the audio version of "HP and the Order of the Pheonix" for just this occasion, which made the drive more palatable. I've decided that I really like Rowling's underlying messages in these books: who you are is based on your choices rather than fate; there are nasty, spiteful people who aren't under an evil spell but just nasty and spiteful; and even your heros are human beings with weaknesses and less-than-admirable traits, but they can still be your heros. And of course there's the implicit gender equality and "be nice to people" themes that I appreciate. I hope these books have a positive impact on future generations.

Bummer Stuff

So we get back late Tuesday night 9/2 (or early 9/3, if you're going to be technical) and, sometime during the night, Shawn's shoulder (which had been bothering him since RenFaire) apparently attempted to dislocate itself. We went to the doctor Wednesday, she gave us drugs which help but not enough. Thursday was x-rays, which we're supposed to get results on today (the radiologist was out of town -- one of the downsides of living in the boonies.) Poor guy. It still really hurts.

Anniversary Stuff

As I posted, last Friday was Shawn's and my 5th wedding anniversary. He took me to this wonderful theme cottage designed and decorated like a medieval castle and filled it with dozens of roses. He really knows how to treat a girl (and we were able to work around the shoulder.)

Game Stuff

We played in Aaron The Blog Pirate's Spirited Away live game. Shawn was the inimitable No-Face, I a humble bathhouse worker, and we both had fun. And, of course, a major highlight was discovering that Kenny and Jenn exist other than virtually (and currently live just down the street from our friends who hosted the game.) We would have liked to have had more time to just hang out, but hopefully there will be other times.

Writing Stuff

Well, I guess it's official. Last week, I received payment for both my Eggplant excerpt and my Phone Book vignette (now viewable online at www.eggplant-productions.com/library and www.the-phone-book.com, respectively.) Cool.

A man does not have to be an angel in order to be saint.
-- Albert Schweitzer (1875-1965)

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