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Last night, Aaron and his friend, Ken, drove up the hill to shoot a short commercial-type thing (I'm assuming for Aaron's company) (DISCLAIMER: his site isn't actually up yet, but I had to include a link because it has the best "Coming Soon" placeholder I've seen, even if it does require a lot of bandwidth.)

Well, they would have driven up the hill if one of the hamsters in the engine of Ken's car hadn't passed out trying to make the first slope. I got a call a little after 5pm from Aaron saying, "We have a slight... problem...."

So Shawn and I drove down the hill and rescued them from the A&W (hey, if you're going to be stranded, at least do it somewhere where you can get a root beer float!) and headed back up. We found this really cool amphitheater in the woods that we used, although it cruelly teased us by purporting to have power that was actually shut off, controls mocking us from a very locked box. We tried running the projector through a converter attached to the car, but we didn't have enough juice. Donahue had said we'd need a generator, and, well, he had the audacity to be right.

Anyway, we drove the rest of the way up the hill, fruitlessly checked KMart for a more powerful converter, had dinner (thanks, Aaron!), stopped off at our place for some jury-rig materials (Shawn's good at that sort of thing), then went back to the amphitheater. I then spent the next hour or so running around trees and screaming while Aaron stalked me with a camera. It was pretty fun -- especially since we skedaddled without being caught by any concerned authority figures.

I'm just glad none of us tripped on anything in the dark and did damage to ourselves (or the cameras.)

Today, we went to see Underworld. I admit: I didn't have very high expectations for the movie. I figured we'd go to a matinee and watch a very stylish, 2-hour music video. My expectations seemed confirmed in the opening, Matrix-inspired gunfest.

And then... wow.

There was a plot -- an intriguing, intelligent plot that was logical without being predictable. It was unveiled in tantalizing glimpses that kept me wanting to know more: what was really going on? What were the rules and history of these cultures? Where did allegiances truly lie?

And then there were the characters. They were real, honest and consistent. They made the plot matter such that I truly cared what was going on. The acting was of a far higher caliber that I'd anticipated, making all motivations and actions organic and real, never contrived.

Like I said, wow. I highly recommend seeing the film.

Oh, and it was very stylish.


History is fables agreed upon.
Voltaire (1694-1778)

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