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alternately happy/pleases and scared and pissed off

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Okay, the "pissed off" part is because Arnold Schwarzenegger is now my governor. The "scared" part is because Orrin Hatch recently proposed a bill that would remove the limitation that all candidates for President of the United States must be natural-born (not naturalized) citizens. (Thanks, Derek, for the link.) I will admit: having Schwarzenegger as PotUS scares the crap out of me.

I have mixed feelings about Shawn coming up this evening, because I always am very happy to see him, but he came up because he didn't get his absentee ballot in on time and had to vote up here. Plus he's not feeling well (poor thing!)

On a totally positive vibe, I got my IntraCities today. I'm about half-way through it, and I'm very excited to have my work compiled with such cool (and different) stories! I'm just going to keep reading and try to concentrate on the good things in my life.


mugwump n.
In politics, one afflicted with self-respect and addicted to the vice of independence. A term of contempt.
The Devil's Dictionary Ambrose Bierce

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