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All Hail the Nuge!
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I am not a big fan of these so-called "reality" shows. I particularly dislike the Survivor-type programs with their scheming and nastiness. Although I've only caught parts while either channel-surfing or at friends' houses, the politics and backstabbing combined with the obnoxiously artificial melodrama has always left a bad taste in my mouth.

And then, yesterday, Shawn and I watched Surviving Nugent.

Wow. It was awesome.

Basically, a bunch of people in their early 20s were shipped out to rocker Ted Nugent's compound where he put them through the wringer. He awarded points for honesty and cojones and zapped people for BS. He called it exactly as he saw it, and brutal though it sometimes was, it was wonderful to watch. As icing, the person we liked best ended up winning.

It doesn't look like they're going to be rescreening it soon, but keep an eye out for it. If you're fed up with slimy people getting ahead in the world, I highly recommend taping this (fast forwarding through the numerous commercials will save a half hour or so of your life) because watching schemers and players get their butts handed to them will be delightfully cathartic.


"Sex is your currency, and, baby, you're one rich bitch. But the world is a cold, cruel place, and there's not a lot out there for a shriveled up, 50-year-old cock tease, so you might want to have a contingency plan."
-- Ted Nugent to Tila, a professional model

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