What the heck.
I might as well introduce myself:


Name:Rachel Shayne Heslin
Age: 40
Marital status: Very happily married
Hubby: Shawn
Children: We used to just have cats (Tia and Starlight, who were invaded by baby kitties Max and Bamf May 2003), but we were blessed with Hunter David Heslin on May 17, 2004. Yay!
What I Do For Money: I work part-time as data/statistics geek for the local school district's Healthy Start program, which provides physical and mental health services for K-12 school kids. I also do freelance web design, copywriting, and (minor) database construction/maintenance.
What I Do For Fun: I play piano (in between tuning it), write, walk around the neighborhood (trees! blue sky! squirrels!), spend time with hubby and friends, and go through cycles of learning stuff (history, languages, origami, how to tune a piano, etc.) Ballet and belly dancing lessons were sidelined by the pregnancy thing, but I'm hoping to pick them up again somewhere along the way (she says, five years later.)
What I Look Like:


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