Okay, I haven’t put up links before because I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings by not including them. Then I decided to put up some of the ones that I have bookmarked and add a disclaimer saying that, just because you’re not on this list doesn’t mean I don’t read your site.

Keith Snyder: Writer/Musician/Whatever
Mark Tapio Kines: Indie Filmaker & Interesting Guy
Cory Edwards: Part of the Writing and Directing Team Behind Hoodwinked and Closet Buckaroo Banzai Fan
Nancy Schmidt: WooHoo! I've seduced another naif into the World Of Journalscape!
Mike Tice: Registered Reverend and Graduate of Miskatonic U
Greg vE: The Official Voice of the American People
Mike Jasper: More Prolific Than Should Be Allowed
Jon Hansen: The Perky Librarian
Dr. Lisa: Brilliant Astronomer and All-Around Nice Person
Aphrael/Rob West: Now With Comments!
David Moles: Chrononaut
Tim Pratt: King of Strange Horizons
Heather Shaw: Too Smutty For Work
Patrick & Teresa Nielsen Hayden: Cogent Discussions on Miscellaneous Stuff
Jenn Reese: A Breath of Fresh Air and Energy
Kenny Wyland: God of Journalscape

And in case anyone’s interested, here are some websites I’ve done:

Alpha Health Systems and the Alpha-Stim
Wild Sphere  Space Cowboy RPG
SoCal Society for Ericksonian Psychotherapy and Hypnosis
International Criminal Court Alliance   activist organization whose site I really need to seriously overhaul but I've been busy
Miscellaneous live game sites
My own site, although I really need to do more than just the static page.


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