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To complete my city circuit, I walked down to Vatican City this morning, with long pants in backpack, and made it past the clothes cops into St. Peter's.


I could shoot panos in there for days and never do it justice. I can think of no other building that would evoke a proper sense of it in comparison.

Anyway, after a couple of hours soaking up the opulence and grandeur of the place, it was back to the hotel, where I am at the moment, awaiting pick up for Borgorose. Monica will come by and get me, but has asked someone else to drive me out there. As far as I know, Monica will be there, but maybe not today, so I'll be on my own with a group of Italian archaeologists for the next week. I hope at least one speaks English besides Monica.

As I entered St. Peter's Square, a line of some 20 or so Porsches were streaming in, with macho drivers gunning the engines. Most of the cars were bright red. I guess it was some kind of car show.

Marble lines every square inch of the floor in St. Peter's and most of the wall surfaces. The floor designs contains various marble-on-marble inlays, like this.

The dome of St. Peter's. Immense. Although you can barely see them, some people are walking around a ledge up there. I gotta see about how to get access to that area.

On Sunday all the street level shops in my part of town do not open, although some do down by St. Peters, so it took me riding the bus for a while to find a place to eat. Here's an interesting sign between a couple of shops near my hotel.

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