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It may not have been exactly clear from previous posts, but our site is called Frontale, and it is quite close to the village of Torano (which means "Tower"). The place where we stay is called Cartore, and the overall administrative center is Borgorose. I hope that clears up any references made to different names.

Anyway, today's the last effective workday on the site, and we have it all clean, shiny, and polished for final photography after troweling and brushing it all day. Angela left today as did John. Copius sunshine with cool breezes.

In order to attempt an "after" panorama, I used my little digital camera to shoot a hand-held series of shots that I'll attempt to stich together later. It's better than nothing.

Tomorrow they'll lay a plastic mesh over the dug-up area, cover that with a layer of dirt, and put the site to sleep until next year.

The aqueduct associated with our site. This is just a section of the water storage system.

A couple of walls like this also probably relate to our site.

Final site photography, for the record.

My final parting shot of our walls.

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