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Well, it took so long to get my first entry up that I'm posting the second on the same day. But between Patrick, the tech support at British, and sheer frustration, all the kinks finally seem to have been worked out. Whew.

Computer issues are definitely the Theme of this summer. First the screen on Patrick's laptop broke down, then my disk drive, and finally, yesterday, my laptop refused to turn on at all. Aaahh! Major panic. Particularly bad financial timing. Deep unhappiness. Luckily, my mom stepped in, cross-continentally, to save the day. Within a few weeks, I'll have a gorgeous new (well, no, it's used, but new for me, and by my standards) laptop. Best of all, it's the kind I've fantasized about since they first came out--a blueberry iBook! Woohooo!!!!! This is definitely an example of bad things leading to good. Now if only I could work out how to save "Homeland" from the old laptop, darn it.... Of course, I typed all the revisions into the laptop, AFTER having lost the disk drive, so they aren't backed up anywhere.... Stupid. Very, very stupid. Oh well.

So now that I'm getting a shiny new computer, I'll write even more! Right??????

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