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Wow, I like getting up early. (Syke.) No, really, I hate getting up early. But it's great to look down at the clock and see that it's still only a bit past noon, after two hours of revising. My usual pattern is to sleep in, procrastinate, finally write (whether it's thesis or fiction)--then panic over how late it's gotten and how little time left I have for errands, chores, packing, etc....

I did a major rewrite on Dark Talent today, after reading it straight through from beginning to end for the third day in a row. It sounds a little mind-numbing, but it seems to be the only way I can revise effectively and really re-absorb the characters and mindsets after two months off. It's starting to feel about right. Still in need of polishing...but, hey, I can do that.

I read Stephen King's On Writing yesterday. I wasn't expecting that much, to be honest--King's one of those writers I respect but don't tend to read, just because I'm a wimp when it comes to horror, and I don't really connect to his writing style in his 'straight' fiction. But I really enjoyed On Writing, and, more than that, I found it really helpful and stimulating. After I finished it, I had so many ideas circulating in my head--ideas about where I could pull stories from my own experience, ideas about the revision process...well, about everything, really. It was great. I was so buzzed. I even started a new short story yesterday...but I won't say anything more about it yet, for fear of losing it! We'll see, in a couple of weeks....

Now back to errands and lunch. Who knows--if I'm lucky, I may be able to entice Nika out of her crate for some playtime! (Nika takes her daytime napping duties seriously.)

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