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The Great Synopsis Fix
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Woohoo! Yesterday I sent out my second query letter for Dark Talent, and today I got an email from the agency asking for the first three chapters plus synopsis! I'm stoked. What a good start to the marketing process. It's not a huge step forward by any means--after all, Sensible Sorcery was requested by a couple of places, first the first 2 chapters and then the full MS, and it still hasn't found a home yet. But this really is a nice boost to get right at the beginning. Now all I have to do is wrestle my bloated synopsis into shape. (I HATE writing synopses!

It's a good thing that I got that email today, because I've spent 2 hours of the day so far in a laundrette, slowly wasting away with boredom and strange chemical fumes, and I'll spend the rest of the day working on packing for the big move. Hoo-boy, what fun. But for now, I'm taking Nika on a big hike through the park and turning over ideas for The Great Synopsis Fix!

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