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Woohoo! I printed and mailed out Sensible Sorcery to a real live publisher today--Scholastic Children's Books UK. I felt incredibly shaky about it--I've never done THAT before (agents seem safer, somehow)--but I think it was a good next step to take. And to celebrate afterwards, I did something so girly it makes me squirm.

Okay, so for the longest time--I mean, a really long time, going back to when I was only eleven or twelve--I've wanted to wear my hair up in a knot behind my head like a Victorian/Edwardian lady. I really, really like that look. (And George Eliot and Virginia Woolf wore their hair that way, so's intellectual. Really.) But I've never been able to manage it. So today, right after mailing out the big intimidating package to Scholastic, I marched into an accessories shop in downtown Leeds and asked for help. And the girl behind the desk knew how to do it! It was so cool!

So, as I type this journal entry, my hair is sitting snugly in a big smooth knot behind my head, and!

Note: Apologies to all readers for this interruption to our normal weekly broadcasts. The next entry will almost certainly return to cool intellectual musings on literature.

Really. I promise!

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