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MFRs and other tidbits
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Still sick. Bleaggh. But much better than Patrick pointed out last night, any time I'm actually too sick to even update my journal, that's really saying something!

Sadly, yesterday I got two MFRs in my email (Most Frustrating Rejections)--one from a cool Pro magazine and one from a Respectable Semipro. Both of them said nice things about my stories, and both of them asked me to submit more. I find myself remarkably torn about this. On the one hand, that's really great to hear. (Obviously.) On the other hand, when I read those messages, I got so frustrated! Not that I want to go back to form rejects, of course...but darn it, I'd love to just sell a story.

Ah well. Temper tantrum over. Immaturity curbed (for the moment, anyway). At least I am feeling better (and someday I'll even be able to hear out of my left ear again, hurrah!).

And a quick note to everyone: my email is currently being swamped by "Microsoft" spam (or rather, spam claiming to be from Microsoft, though it's not really). I'm getting it at a rate of literally 2 (with huge attachments) every ten minutes this morning, which means that every ten minutes, my mailbox is filled by them up to (last time) 125%!!! So I'm emptying them out as quickly as possible...but if anybody's tried to send me a real email and had it bounced back because of my spam-full box, please be patient and try again!

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