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I don't often analyze my dreams, but last night's were particularly intense and odd. I won't go into detail, but I will mention my conclusions:

1) Listening to Wagner's Ring Cycle on the radio may be fun (OK, bear with me here--I am a music history/opera geek) but it is also dangerous; and

2) Never agree to borrow a friend's car in your dream when you've never even driven a British stick-shift car in reality. My old "omigod the brakes have stopped working!" nightmares, back in America, were bad enough. My new dreams ("omigod, where IS the brake? and how am I supposed to stop this car anyway? and omigod I'm on the wrong side of the road!") are just too bad to deal with. That particular dream ended with my friend saying sadly, "You know, it's going to cost sixty-eight thousand pounds to fix this one...."

Omigod! No! This is too scary! BBC Radio 3 just started playing one of "my" thesis operas! How could they?

Talk about guilt therapy. I'm off. Back to the thesis, as subliminally commanded....

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