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Woohoo! Something to look forward to today:

We're going to have an evening out at Borders!

I am psyched.

Yes, I admit it. My life has gotten very tame. But hey. I love books. I love big bookstores with comfy couches and chairs. I love bookstore cafes with hot creamy lattes that I can sip while reading through a pile of books I can't afford to buy. (Hey, I'd probably love them even if I could afford them, but that's too theoretical for my mind to wrap around.)

And getting to share all that with the love of my life...well, hey. Life doesn't get much better than that.

So I can certainly use all that to inspire myself to get real work done this morning and afternoon, right? Right??????

(Or, of course, I could read another 200 pages of the George R.R. Martin, which is what I am secretly dying to do. )

Must work. Must think deep meaningful thoughts about operas. Or at least try (while thinking happily about tonight).

Read/Post Comments (3)

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