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back to work
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Lovely weekend. Didn't really want it to end....

Saturday was a Serious Writing (and Grocery Shopping) Day, but yesterday Patrick and I just hung out, and it was great. The closest either of us got to writing was when we spent half an hour happily plotting out a new story to co-write (in a series of high-fantasy swordfighting adventures in the tradition of The Prisoner of Zenda). Very fun, and the kind of thing we both like reading but almost never write. I also started a new short story of my own on Saturday (surprise, surprise, another contemporary dark fantasy), and today, after several days of frustration, I managed to break through on my latest sticking-point in my novel-in-progress.

So, things are going pretty well in terms of writing. Which is a good thing, since this weekend also saw an amazing cluster of rejections for me. 2 on Friday, 1 Saturday, and 1 today. Gaarh! Oh, if only all these various editors would just coordinate things better...maybe call each other on the phone and scribble in their appointment books, arranging their response times so that no more than one story of mine per week got a rejection.... However, copious amounts of apple strudel, generously applied, got me well over the hump.

And of course, the saga of my check ($) troubles continues to be so bizaare that it's semi-funny, and it's grey and cloudy and cold outside....

But what the heck. It's Monday, I've gotten quite a bit done, and things are generally good in my world. Chocolate chocolate chocolate! :)

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