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Naturally, I spoke too soon.

Yesterday afternoon, I found a message from Morrison's on our answering machine. "The Two Towers" extended edition had not arrived at the store, and our copy was not available yet, because the Parcelforce van carrying all the copies had been in a crash! (No one was hurt.) But there would be a later delivery, and we could pick our copy up this morning, Thursday, any time after 8 a.m.

So. We were really disappointed--it was the second night in a row that we'd hoped to watch it, after all!--but what can you do? We ate left-over lasagna, finished the muffins, and re-watched "Fellowship" to get us back in the mood. Today around 11:30 I arrived at the store.

"'The Two Towers'? Oh, no, that's not in yet," I was told. "Maybe if you try back this afternoon--or tomorrow?"

Aaaaargh. If only they weren't so much cheaper than anybody else....

We went out for discount Starbucks at the campus cafe to console ourselves (and spend some of the money our cheap copy is saving). I arrived back home ten minutes ago and found a new message on the answering machine: "Your copy is in and waiting at the cigarette counter!"

I confidently predict an plague of locusts or infestation of frogs at the Morrison's cigarette counter sometime before 6pm, when Patrick goes to pick it up.

Somebody obviously does not want us to own this DVD.

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