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If only...
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If only I could do my research in a library like this one (from Garth Nix, Lirael):

"Imshi took Lirael to the Robing Room, a huge room full of all the equipment, weapons and miscellaneous items the librarians needed, from climbing ropes to boathooks..."

And later, as Imshi gives Lirael her official yellow waistcoat as a new 3rd Assistant Librarian:

"'Now, this whistle clips on the lapel loops here, so you can bend your head and blow into it, even if something's holding your arms. But you should whistle only if you really need help. If you hear a whistle, run towards the sound and do whatever you can to help.'"

Too cool. I'm enjoying Lirael very much so far, and Lirael's library (The Great Library of the Clayr) may well measure up to some of my all-time favorite fictional libraries, like the island Library in Paula Volsky's Wolf Winter (in which the poor heroine is forced against her royal will to research and write an academic thesis...). Any other thoughts? What are your favorite fictional libraries?


In real life, I started my temp job as an Exams Invigilator (ie, Proctor) today. Very long and mind-numbingly boring for me. Very short and terrifying for the students taking the final exam. I kept thinking, over and over again: "God, I'm so glad to have finished taking exams forever!" It's good to be reminded of our blessings sometimes.

Read/Post Comments (3)

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