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Lattes, Chocolate, and Exams
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Finished with invigilation, on to grading essay exams... Sigh. Oh well. I woke up at 5:30 this morning, unfortunately, but so far the morning latte is working to keep me going.

Yesterday I was very good about finishing up final revisions on a recent story and mailing it out along with several other submissions. Naturally, that meant that as soon as I got home last night and looked at the story again, I saw a MAJOR ERROR in an early paragraph, three sentences that had to be changed to make the language flow, and of course I hadn't made the change (or even seen the necessity) before sending it out... ah well. That way lies madness. I fixed it anyway, for my own sake, last night, and if it ends up bouncing back to me, I can tell myself it was only because of that one darned paragraph....

Meanwhile, I'm trying to devise a good reward system for this terrifying stack of essays. I've already decided that I'll get to make myself a hot chocolate or mocha after marking four essays (they take half an hour each, usually)...I'm writing myself a journal entry now, ahead of time, to get myself started (and, let's face it, to procrastinate)...but what next? I shouldn't drink too much caffeine today....Suggestions? :) This marking is going to go on all weekend and through Monday, so I'll need some hefty perks to force my lazy and procrastinating self through it.

Read/Post Comments (4)

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