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Rainy Day Goals
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It's a wet, wet day outside, which is perfect right now for forcing myself to sit down and do what needs to get done. So I'm writing out today's big goals here, to publicly shame myself into getting them done!

1) Finish that damned article! I worked on it for an hour and a half yesterday, and by the end I had developed a theory of how to fix it that is so cool and frightening that it intimidates me as much as it gets me excited. It's going to be a much more forceful piece than I'd originally planned, and it's going to make a huge statement. Which means, of course, correspondingly more work than the original light piece that I'd sent out originally, which was designed to be interesting without making waves.... We'll see how it goes. My goal for today is to FINISH a first draft, so that I can send it off to my supervisor before our meeting on Friday, and still have a day left for finishing up other small stuff.

2) Finish typing in Chapter Ten of my novel and write a bit more of Chapter Eleven. I wrote the first nearly-three pages this morning at the cafe, and of course the groove only started to come in the last twenty minutes (as usual), so I had to stop before it felt ready...and people may say what they want about "parking downhill", but sadly, I tend to forget what I meant to write next, which makes the next writing session doubly frustrating!

3) Go on a walk with Nika despite the rain. I hate this. I always hate this. But God, I'll hate it so much more if she doesn't get a walk and I have to pay for it in whining and barking and hyper energy over the next two days! And I can always reward myself with chocolate cookies when we get back.... :)

Meanwhile, I've just gotten back from the morning cafe and a series of errands in the rain. None of them were a big deal (post submissions; return library books; buy dog biscuits), but by the time I got home, my shoes and socks and trousers were soaked and dripping--I had to throw nearly all of my clothes straight into the washing machine when I stepped into the house! So a bit of hot chocolate may well be in the cards....

And one piece of very good news--I just saw that "Big Fish" comes out today in the local movie theaters! Woohoo! Can't wait.

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