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playing catch-up
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Oof. The good and the bad thing about my lifestyle, nowadays, is that I've got so many projects constantly going on. The good part is that I have tons of variety, and I rarely get bored. The bad part...oof! The bad part is that, no matter what I'm working on, I always feel guilty about the other important projects I'm thus not working on, and no matter how much work I do on any one project, I constantly feel behind! I spent last week catching up on my article, so this week I've been catching up on my teaching assistantship (and the many long-overdue crits I owe various people), next week I'll be desperately trying to catch up on the thesis, and then the whole cycle will begin again.... I really miss that whole illusion of being finished that I used to have, every so often.

The good news is that I got home earlier than expected from my meeting on-campus, so there's time to finally grab some lunch (at 4 pm, but what the heck) and take Nika out on a walk before I tackle the dishes I didn't end up doing, yesterday, when it was my turn....

And the better news is that I started writing Chapter Thirteen of my novel this morning. I'm also really enjoying the fantasy novel I've been reading (on the bus, and while walking around town): Summers at Castle Auburn, by Sharon Shinn. So far, it's really beautifully written and very moving, in a very low-key, gracefully understated way. Good stuff.

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