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Sick Days
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Gaarh. So now I'm sick and bored, which is a deadly combination. I managed to drag myself into town and on-campus to teach this morning, got an adrenaline jolt as the students filed in, sailed through the session--and promptly collapsed afterwards and have been feeling crappy ever since. I have strong principles about always Calling In Sick If You Are Sick--but as a very part-time teacher, jostling to try for more teaching (and therefore paid) hours, calling in sick on a student presentation day just sounded like a bad idea. Unfortunately, my body's been punishing me for going in ever since class ended, at about 11 a.m. Meanwhile, I've finished all my comfort novels. Whine whine whine.

However, I did just pick up a cool Neil Gaiman quote, which he said in the course of his BBC interview on the DVD of "Neverwhere" (yes, I'm so bored and tired of having to lie down that I've resorted to watching DVD extras to pass the time):

"When I was a kid, I always got in trouble for making things up. 'You know what'll happen if you make things up,' they would tell me. I never did know. Now I do. If you make things up as an adult, you get to write television and comics and novels, and people will read them and enjoy them."


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