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Warm fires
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Our lovely snow melted today, after three days of Nika playing Snow Puppy all around the forest. (It was so much fun to watch her spinning around, with snow flying everywhere and turning her black nose white!) The forest changed immediately from a winter paradise to a muddy mess--but hey, it was still beautiful. Rippling streams, trees, valleys, waterfalls, and a blue sky can't lose, really. As Patrick and I took Nika down into the forest for our walk today, I just felt so lucky to be outside with my partner and our dog, enjoying the fresh air and--for once this month--not sick! It felt like a miracle. It's been a long time since I took the time to really appreciate good health when it came.

We spent yesterday cleaning, which was positive but also dreadful, so last night we went out with another writer friend to the local pub, and came home smoke-covered but happy. This morning I woke up with a new fix-it paragraph already written in my subconscious, waiting to be inserted in my novel rewrite. A good start to the day.

Stressful things continue to be stressful, but I'm coping a whole lot better with them now. Weekends are wonderful. Right now I'm typing in front of the fire, while Patrick and Nika cuddle. I wish weekends lasted forever....

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