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Thesis in the Mist
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There's a thick mist around the hills today. Nika and I just got back from a walk with our friend across the top of a long hill. Usually, you can see all the way across Leeds from that hill. Today, all we saw was white mist, with glimpses of green hills in the distance. It did look a lot more romantic than usual....

I've written four and a half pages of thesis today, which feels like a big accomplishment, particularly as my un-missed cold has returned--sore throat, swollen eyes, and dizziness. Bleagh. Copious amounts of paracetemol, throat lozenges, tea infused with honey and milk, and naps are definitely helping. I just finished writing about Haydn's "Lo Speziale", so now I'm listening to Mozart's "Cosi" and trying to remember what I thought about it when I first researched it and studied the music, a couple of months ago. It's looking like this may be a long and work-filled weekend.

And someday soon I will write more of my new novel.....

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