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We're off to Bristol in four and a half hours--woohoo! Of course, this means that I'm in ur-travel mode--panicking and procrastinating on packing. How come, after almost two weeks of doing laundry every day, I still don't have five pairs of socks to pack????? How come I always remember important things only at the last minute???? How come--????????

(Sigh.) I like traveling. I really do. I'm just not very good at it.

Yesterday I finished Chapter Twenty-Four, which was short and bloody (really). Action is surprisingly difficult to write. Give me meaningful layered dialogue and double entendres any day. Sword fights are hard. Today, in Chapter Twenty-Five, I'm giving the characters a brief flash of Hell. I bet they wish they'd been born into a nice stream-of-consciousness mainstream literary novel, now....

Off to take Nika on her hike and finally settle into the packing! I'll be back after Easter. Happy holidays!

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