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Habsburg Tarot
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Can I just say how pschotically tempted I was when I found a pack of Habsburg-themed tarot cards for sale at the museum gift shop here? Sadly, I didn't have 12 euros spare for it. (Nor, for that matter, 6.50 to get into the museum--that's why I was just browsing the shop.) But if only I had, think of the possibilities...I looked through the pack and found many fun and inspirational cards from Habsburg history. Maria Theresia weeping and holding baby Joseph II to her breast, while her overwhelmed Hungarian nobles (all very macho, and therefore incapable of standing up to a weeping Mother of Her Country) fell to their knees before her and accepted her sovereignty...and so many, many more. I'll just let you imagine the rest!

Viennese museum shops are so dangerous for me. So many cool souvenirs! Copies of the original advertisements for Mozart operas! I need them! (Of course the question is: what would I do with them, back home? But hey, who cares?) Best of all, I found out that, for a mere 115 euros, I could buy my very own Imperial Robes, worn only by the Holy Roman Emperor himself--or, at least, a very genuine replica. How could anyone turn that down?

The music library closed at 1pm today, and I was let loose around town. Patrick's arriving tonight! Woohoo!

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