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coffee and lilacs
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I'm taking every opportunity to walk through the Heldenplatz and the Volksgarten, these days, no matter how long and tortuous my routes become. They're both filled with flowering lilac bushes, and when I walk directly between the bushes, the scent becomes so intoxicating, it makes me dizzy. Mmm, I love spring!

I'm nearly done with everything I need to do in the Musiksammlung, which is a funny was so scary to work in there at first (especially what with being surrounded by Very Important Musicologists I've Heard Of, working at the tables around me and typing furiously at their laptops), but then it somehow all became do-able, and now I really like it. It's just two little rooms, tucked into the third floor of the National Film Museum, with six long tables spaced apart to work at. But there are huge, open windows letting in the breeze and looking down onto the Staatsoper and other gorgeous Vienna landmarks, the librarians are quirky and fun (not really what I'd expected!), and, y'know, I think I've finally got a handle on 18th-century handwriting. I'm going to miss this when I go back to my normal, modern university library.

In the meantime, I'm off to drink some good coffee before the music collections open for the day.


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