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Dark Clouds
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There's an ominous, dark grey sky through the window, with thunder growling in the distance. Think I might put Nika's walk off a little longer....

The last few days, I kept meaning to post an entry, but really, there wasn't much to tell. I'm re-adjusting to normal life. The best bit (apart from just being with Patrick and Nika again, which is THE best) is hanging out with my friends again--I love living in the same neighborhood as my friends! It's SO cool. (It's a new experience for me--even when I was a kid, my closest friend lived a twenty-minute car ride away.) And when you combine it with the English tradition of "stopping by for tea"...well, you quickly figure out why it's so hard to focus when working at home, it's true. But it's so much fun! (And I'm even getting to love the tea. Slowly. I am still a Coffee Girl.)

We finally booked the hall for our wedding reception. Woohoo! Now, on to the ten zillion other organizational tasks. Having a nice public wedding sounded like such a great idea before it turned into so much work! But it's worth it. When else would I get an excuse to buy and wear a tiara?

AND, much more painfully, we have started a new exercise routine, using different exercises specifically targeted at individual body types. (Can you tell that I found these in a magazine?) Monday was our first night, and it was fun. Not easy, but not too bad. Tuesday, on the other hand....ohhhh, my muscles are aching today! But someday I will be a Fitness Queen. And Nika is enjoying the whole thing a lot (although she would enjoy it more if Patrick let her jump on me while I exercised).

But I'm really not looking forward to taking Nika out for her exercise in this weather....

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