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Ohhh, lots of tension going on here today. Part of it is my old standby--Submissions Obsession. I'm checking my email twenty times a day, in hopes of a sudden response, whether yea or nay, and 80% of my brain, 24 hours a day, is busy turning over the question of what to do and trying to mentally manipulate the thoughts and actions of people I've never met, thousands of miles away from me.

Needless to say, this is a deeply frustrating and unsatisfying exercise. Plus, that old proverb about watched pots seems to hold true with writing--I've only ever gotten responses when I wasn't expecting them. Gaarh. But none of that stops the finger-tapping....

And just to add to the mix, I found out this morning that I'll need to re-apply for the teaching position next year that I'd assumed I already had. Urk. I keep telling myself that I have a good CV, lots of teaching experience, etcetera, etcetera...but....

Oh, drat it. I was planning to crack open the Baileys tonight for our scheduled Buffy-fest, but it might end up happening earlier.



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