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Hey, just a quick entry today: you can now order a copy of Flytrap 2, the issue with my story in it. Woohoo! I feel both pleased and depressed that it's premiering at WisCon this year--the con I've always most wanted to go to (yet have somehow never managed to attend). However, I am unambiguously thrilled by the fact it'll be coming out on my birthday weekend. Yayyy! What a good birthday present!

Now I'm busy biting my fingernails in the half an hour before the first conference of the week. The good news is, I got my Masquerade paper down to the right length. (Miracles can happen!) Patrick and Nika were both incredibly sweet and supportive of how late I made us all stay up for it. The bad news is, it looks like I might have re-think tomorrow's (harem) paper...auggghhhh! Oh well. I'm not going to worry about that until I finish today's conference. Sometimes procrastination is just what I need!

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