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my head is the size of a house...
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...or so it feels at the moment, anyway. This cold continues to move through un-fun phases, and congestion is the New Me. Bleagghh. For a while this afternoon, I thought about escaping to a coffee shop to do my essay-grading in a pleasant atmosphere with chocolate. Then I realized that really, truly, I was best off at home, because at home I can snuggle deep into the couch while I sniffle, sigh, grade, and moan (in no particular order). Now if only I had some chocolate at home...must be more prescient next time I go grocery shopping!

(And yes, I do realize I am the world's biggest wimp, and I feel Very Sorry For Myself when I get sick. But what the heck. This is my journal! Surely you wouldn't read it if you couldn't take my whining....right????)

Nika and I had a beautiful walk today with friends both human and canine. It's gorgeous weather here, and everything is blooming, from the hawthorn trees to the wild garlic, buttercups, bluebells, lilacs and cherry trees. My friend and I took our dogs out to the local park, and Nika spun around the grass in enormous, dizzying circles. The sky was bright robin's-egg blue; there was just the slightest breeze; all in all, it's just perfect weather here right now. I love spring! Of course, it doesn't hurt that May is my birthday month. I always love May! But I especially love it when the sun is shining, I'm surrounded by friends, and I get to watch my gorgeous dog having a wonderful time, running with absolute focus and joy. Things are good...even for those of us with currently-enormous heads!

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