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revisions and other fun stuff
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Well, the title isn't as ironic as it would usually be. I'm actually enjoying my first rewrite of Queen of Thorns, which feels a bit shocking. I usually approach revisions with dread and depression. (Eg, "Oh God, it did suck, and now there's going to be so much work involved in fixing it....") The good thing about waiting 6 months to look at QoT is that I actually have a semi-fresh perspective on it. When I read it the first time, earlier this week, I could see lots of places that needed expansion. I could see bits that needed better scene-setting, or where things should be made either more or less explicit. But--hey. I liked it! And I was excited about the idea of getting back into it. I like these characters a lot, and I like the story. I'm happy to be pottering around it again. In the last few days, I've written three all-new chapters for insertion at various points, and I'm now halfway finished with a major sweep through the novel as a whole, revising/expanding bits as I re-read it. I'll be ready to send it out for first crits in just a day or two, at which point I'll find out all the issues that I haven't noticed by myself. But that's okay. For once, I'm just enjoying the process. This is a very Good Thing.

We've had a nice relaxing day today, after the various stresses of the week. We spent about two and a half hours in the Borders bookshop cafe, and divided them pretty evenly between talking and revising our novels. I used some of my treat money and got an apple-cinnamon muffin. We bought ingredients to make enchiladas either tonight or tomorrow (depending on when we want to make the effort). Tonight, we'll probably finish watching Season Four of Buffy (and then take some time off, since we've managed to watch the whole season in 8 days....urk....).

Thanks to everybody for the nice comments on the last entry. I'm feeling a whole lot better today, as if a big load is off my shoulders, and I know it's completely because of sharing my problems instead of bottling them up as per usual. You guys are great!

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