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In which we find out, after all, that I am really not a prom queen....
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Well, this morning was interesting. I got my hair styled for the first time in my life, as a "trial run" for getting it styled on the wedding day. I came in clutching my picture (found in a hair magazine, the kind I NEVER read, because I am Not That Kind of Girl), the stylist nodded and smiled, and two hours later...I realized that I am not, after all, the hair-stylin' type. Because you know what? It looked a lot like the picture. But it looked ridiculous on me--kind of like a stereotypical prom queen Do mixed with Bride of Frankenstein. I just have Too Much Hair (and Too Thick!) to have it piled on top of my head, no matter how pretty that might look on other people. The good news is, I did manage to get approximately 500 hairpins in the process, so I'll never have to buy bobby pins again in my life. (In fact, I could even sell them to other people! A new career!) It looks like I'll be ponytailing it on the wedding day. With luck, everyone will just look at the pretty, shiny tiara....

Apart from that, it's been a pretty good couple of days. I finished revising "Some Girlfriends Can", which is probably my favorite story-written-by-me right now (can I say that here? I feel a bit guilty on behalf of my other stories--particularly if there are editors reading this! aack! be aware that the other stories are also really good, okay????), and sent it off to its first market. Sigh. On to the next project... I'm about a fourth of the way into a long short story called "The Only One You Can Save", and this morning I wrote the first page of my new novel (working title: Er...I Actually Have No Idea, But Will Come Up With Something Eventually, I Hope). So I'm being a bit scattershot at the moment.

But hey, at least it isn't raining today...yet.....

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