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pulp, love, and the Horrific White Menace
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It's been an interesting weekend. On Saturday I finally bought one of my favorite-ever CDs, Pulp's "Different Class." I may be one of the few people in the universe who considers it the Most Romantic CD Ever (considering the lyrics, 'n all--cynical black comedy is the Tone Du Jour), but then, context is everything. When Patrick and I moved into our first apartment together, back in Vienna in 2002, we checked the CD out of the British Council Library, taped a copy, and listened to it non-stop for about four months. Now, the moment the lyrics start ("I want to live like common people...I want to sleep with common people like you...") I feel deliciously happy. I could sing along all day. All in all, a good 5 purchase!

And we watched Down With Love on Saturday night, which was amazingly silly and surprisingly fun. I liked Ewan McGregor and Renee Zellweger's musical number at the end, too. Probably shows that I watched too many early 60s comedies at a formative age...

This morning was the opposite extreme of UN-fun-ness. (Well, that ought to be a word!) When we came downstairs for breakfast, we were surprised to find a white crusting on top of every kitchen surface, including the stovetop, toaster, cappucino maker, jam jars, etc., etc. Then we realized that the white crusting was made up of an infinite number of tiny white specks. Which were moving.


I really, really hate these bugs (whatever they are). We spent this morning cleaning the kitchen from top to bottom, throwing away every open item of foodstuff, and sponge-killing every single damn white speck we found. (We can out-do the Little Tailor at this, because one swipe of a sponge takes out about 50 at once.) At one o'clock, there were no open containers left, and the kitchen looked clean and sparkly. We left to go into town and came back at find the kitchen (you guessed it!) covered with white moving specks! Again!

This is just no fun at all. However, since we've taken away all possible food sources (knock on wood we haven't missed anything), surely they've gotta disappear sometime...right? Right?????


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