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smoothie smoothie...
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Mmmm. Patrick made luscious peach-and-banana smoothies last night, and I'm still happy from them (and about to drink my second glass)! In the same vein, today started with a nice editorial email--always a good way to start a morning.

It's a good balancing action, too, since my body's been playing up a bit, and I have to go to the doctor's office this afternoon. :( I'm such a wimp when it comes to doctor's offices and hospitals. My mind goes completely blank when they ask me hard questions (like, "where exactly does it hurt? how long has it been?"). Oh well. This is no big deal, but I'm not looking forward to it.

In the meantime, I'm nearly, nearly done with my article, thank GOD, and, as both Dad and Patrick pointed out, starting this Thursday y'all can stream the new "Hitchhiker's Guide" series here.
So good things are raining down. I also spent last night reading Megan Lindholm's Wizard of the Pigeons, which I enjoyed a lot, and I'm about to start reading Liz Williams's The Poison Master (and China Mieville's The Iron Council is waiting its turn, too). Nice to have so much good fantasy to play with.

Now--off for a smoothie!

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