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Another form of computer recycling...
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Just in case anyone has unused equipment lying around and hasn't seen this notice yet:

SLF Technology Exchange Program Launches!
The Speculative Literature Foundation (SLF) is pleased to announce a new Technology Exchange program aimed at helping struggling writers by finding new homes for second hand technology. Individuals are encouraged to make spare equipment available through a bulletin board on the Foundation's web site at
The Exchange will match those in need of equipment with those who no longer have a use for it. We are currently matching laptops, printers, and digital cameras. All donors and recipients will remain anonymous except where required to facilitate exchange of equipment. Neither donor nor recipient needs to be a member of SLF to use the service. No technical support will be provided.

The Technology Exchange will act purely as a matching service, not taking physical possession of the hardware. Because SLF is a registered non-profit organization (IRS 501(c)3) any donations will be tax-deductible within the USA. Thank you for your support!


We, of course, have no unused technology...sigh... Although our printer is so crappy we barely use it anymore, I don't think that's exactly what they're looking for. Still, I think this is a cool idea.

Everything's going pretty well here. I wrote another few pages of Chapter Two of The Music of the Stars this morning, felt vicariously thrilled by a cool editorial email that Patrick got, and now I'm about to go over to the music department and do some teaching-assistant work. Oh, and I went running yesterday! And, surprisingly, I don't hurt today--maybe because I actually went with a friend who's a fitness instructor and had figured out a whole program for slowly easing into running without pain (as opposed to my usual annual attempt, in which I throw myself whole-heartedly into running for full 20-minute spurts right away, fill myself with pain and misery, and give up within a week). Bizarre but fun--and I felt great for the rest of the evening. I'm taking today off on her orders but doing it again tomorrow. Woohoo! Stress begone.

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