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I'm feeling twitchy lately--about submissions, mostly (I'm going through that periodic feeling of mild psychosis when I haven't heard back on ANY of them and my mind starts manufacturing impatience in devastating quantities), but also about general work issues. I had to write two scary emails today, one for each career...bleaghh! They were brave emails, too, though, or so I'm telling myself. (One was asking for a recommendation for the second time after getting a "no" the first time...the other, asking if I could re-submit a piece.) But anyway, I feel twitchy and restless, and probably will for a while yet.

Luckily, I made oatmeal cookies yesterday, which almost count as healthy comfort food. (Oatmeal cookies really did count that way for me until I made them myself for the first time, yesterday. Watching myself empty the requisite 2 cups of sugar into the mixing bowl took away that comforting delusion in a hurry!) Also, I have new toys to play with--our old cell phone finally gave up the ghost last week, so today I went out and bought new ones for each of us. They're the most basic possible models, but still, they've got color display (wooo! our old one was REALLY old), and oh-so-many options to course through. Different ring tones, different voicemail options, different pictures, different games....oh, I could play with them all day! (And sorta, kinda convince myself that I was being productive...)

In the meantime, I finished writing Chapter Three of Music of the Stars today and am having much, much fun with it. And, oh yeah--I did go running yesterday, despite the rain! And it was good and even fun, after the first twenty minutes. I felt great for the rest of the afternoon. Must remember that next time I feel reluctant about doing it...

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