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Getting Better
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Today's been a lot better. (No surprises there!) We went into town for our usual coffee shop writing date, and I wrote two and a half more pages of Chapter Seven of The Music of the Stars, ending with a nice scene-break cliff-hanger. We went into the university, and I got some good work done and managed to borrow a book that'll be useful for my thesis and my next adult historical novel! Then I rode the bus back to our neighborhood, had tea with a friend, and came home to discover a lovely musical wedding gift surprise waiting for us, from a friend far away. Thanks!!!! :) I'm listening to it now as I type, and it's beautiful.

We're going down South for the weekend, which should be really nice. Our original reason was that we wanted to escape the madness of Bonfire Night (Guy Fawkes' Day) in Leeds; now, it'll feel good just to have a weekend off. The writing news has been wonderful this week, but the work stuff just gets more stressful all the time, in this crazy final-year rush of thesis-work, article-writing, job-hunting and applications.

But today, at least, I'm listening to great music while I do my weekly job-search. Life's not bad at all.

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