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It was a wonderful weekend. The weather down South was warm and (mostly) sunny, we walked through beautiful woodland, saw a deer leaping through the trees, and spent an afternoon at my favorite coffee shop in the world, The Boston Tea Party (don't ask!) in downtown Bristol. We got back about an hour ago, I sat down at the computer and found about a dozen work emails waiting for me, and within minutes, I'd transformed into a vibrating mass of stress. Grr. I liked feeling relaxed!

The good writing news is that I wrote a first draft of the synopsis for Masks & Shadows this weekend, and also did a good revising pass through the first 125 pages of the manuscript. So I'm feeling happy on that front, and excited about the rewriting process. I also got some good crits back from Codex on the first story I've sent there for workshopping. I knew the story wasn't working but wasn't sure why--and the crits have really helped me figure that out. So far, there's been a pretty high quality of critique through Codex, and I'm happy to be a new member.

Meanwhile, Nika's crate is still sitting in the car outside, and she's starting to look anxious. Patrick's back at work for a half-day afternoon, and it's time for me to get down to my own work. Bleaghh. It's definitely Monday!

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