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blue skies
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Mm, what a difference nice weather makes. It's been a cold day today, but under such clear blue skies and bright sunlight, I don't really mind the cold. I had a nice easy teaching morning, listening to an excellent student team presentation (doesn't it just make everything feel better when the student presentations are good?), and came home to read Volkmar Braunbehrens's Mozart in Vienna, 1781-1791, which is not only highly useful for my thesis, but is also just a fantastic work of socio-cultural history. I'm making notes like crazy for my next historical Viennese novel... It's been a good day so far. :)

Last night, with lots of patient help from Patrick and much tearing of hair and gritting of teeth on my part, I managed to come up with a slightly improved version of a query letter for Masks and Shadows. Still not a good version...sigh... but better. Definitely better. Tonight, I'll try again. The only thing I hate worse than writing query letters is writing/revising synopses. The next round of fun coming up...

But in the meantime, I'm eating apple-blackberry crumble and feeling good.

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