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photos and pasta
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Well, yesterday was the first photo shoot I've ever been involved in, and my lord, it was tedious. Thirty minutes of having photos taken, feeling my face start to slowly disintegrate as I was moved around by slight gradations...and the whole thing felt awfully silly to me. But what the heck. I liked the scholarship money, I loved getting to work in Vienna for two weeks, and 30 minutes of silly poses doesn't seem like too much repayment. But I'll be glad not to have to do anything like that again!

I'm looking forward to the weekend. For one thing, we'll be doing some real cooking! I've been too busy to cook big dinners on weekdays lately, so Patrick and I have been cooking quick pastas together. They're quite healthy (filled with fresh veggies) and very fast & easy, but oh, I'm looking forward to making (and eating!) a big luscious Matar Panir or lasagna! Yum yum. We're off to the mega-supermarket tonight to fill up on ingredients.

In the meantime, I had some nice publishing news, and I'm working harder than ever on Masks & Shadows rewrites. There's a bit more of a deadline for that than there used to be--if anyone is in the middle of reading it and thinks it'll take quite a long time to finish, I'd love to get some preliminary comments on the bits you've already read. On the other hand, if everyone's too busy...well, I'd have to be the biggest hypocrite in the world not to understand that!

Ohhh, I'm looking forward to the weekend...

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