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Motivation and Serenity
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I spent an hour this morning reading Locus, which is always both a good and a bad idea. On the one hand, it's absolutely compulsive reading for me--I love reading it--and it spurs me on incredibly. On the other hand, by the time I've finished, I can feel jealousy just dripping off my skin like perspiration. Sigh. The motivational aspect is so strong, though, it doesn't seem worth giving up. I came home this morning determined to be super-productive with my writing.

Sadly, we finished watching "Firefly" last night (staying up way too late to do it). Gaarh. All those issues left unresolved... It'll be interesting to watch the movie, Serenity, next spring. I can't quite imagine it--the whole concept was such a perfect television show, I can't see it as a movie. However, I hope to be surprised.

I got home earlier than usual this morning, so Nika is still snoozing in her crate. When I carolled "hello!" and opened the door, she blinked at me blearily, tucked her head back into her tummy, and went straight back to snoring.

She may have the right idea.

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