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Ohhhh, my body is punishing me today. See, I'd planned to take off a carefully-scheduled 10 days from jogging, based on a friend's advice. (After one month, take off 7-10 days for your body to recover!) But somehow 10 days turned into 14, then 18, then 21...and then yesterday, on my first jog in three weeks, I ended up doing a major power-run, doing 3/2 times as much running as I was used to before the break.

I never had any idea there were so many muscles in my legs! But I'm excruciatingly familiar with all of them today, because they all complain whenever I walk, stand, or even just move. Ouch!

Must not take off so long again...

In other news, this morning I finished Chapter Eight of Music of the Stars. It's been going at a sluggish pace, and I'm not sure why. Part of it is probably just where I am in the novel--at 1/3 of the way through, plot strands need to start working together, and I often get a bit stuck for a while as my brain whirs around frantically trying to sort things out. And part of it is probably because I'm still obsessed with Masks and Shadows, trying to sort out its problems! But regardless, it's pretty frustrating. I love it, but I want to know that I can finish it sometime in the next four months! (Since, after all, the sensible logical thing for me to be doing right now is to get back to work on another adult historical fantasy to follow up on Masks and Shadows...)

I'm desperately working to finish up a job application today. I'm no longer as convinced as I previously had been that this would be The Perfect Job For Me, but I'm still trying to do a good job and give myself a shot at it. (After all, I could always say no if I decided that I didn't want it.) I've revised my Research Statement from 1650 to 1290 words. Now if I can just get it down to the 1000-word limit set by the hiring committee....

Wish me luck!

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