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Locked doors and other good news
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Woohoo! I just finished a new story, tentatively titled "Locked Doors". It's a very creepy (I hope) dark fantasy, and I'm still on a rush after writing the last eleven pages in a mad dash. (To understand just how unusual that is for me, you have to know that I normally write between 1/2-page - 4 pages a DAY, and I slammed all these out in less than two hours!) Ohhh, it's a great feeling when the writing is going well. Enough to make up for all those long, dead days of (metaphorically) hammering my head into a wall on stories that aren't going anywhere...

I'll take some time to let it sit, and then maybe send it on to Codex for crits. It would be a nice change to send a story I like off to a crit group, instead of only sending on the stories that I don't like, and that will probably never work...

Last night I read lots of good stories in the Ellen Datlow/Terri Windling YA anthology, The Green Man: Tales from the Mythic Wood. My favorite was "Joshua Tree," by Emma Bull, but I liked most of them a lot.

I also scored a major victory (in my mind, at least) of mind over matter yesterday, by going jogging despite the continuing agony in my leg muscles. I really, really didn't want to do it--but it ended up feeling surprisingly good, and the pain is all gone--who'd've thought? So I'm planning to head out again tomorrow.

Happy Thursday, everybody.

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