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I've totally fallen behind on journal entries--mostly, I think, because I've had a hard time writing during the past week. I was so stressed about getting through the academic crunch that, after I finished, I think I lost the will to push through writing--all my brain wanted to do was slump and sit around watching movie candy and ingesting chocolate! Bad brain. Must get moving again... I'm going to try to force myself to go jogging (but it's so cold outside...whine whine whine!) this morning to give my writing brain a good example. Or at least keep me from turning into a total sludge-monster.

We went out to see Garden State at the movie theater on Sunday, which was fun. It reminded me a lot of The Graduate (intentionally, I'm sure), which was fine because I liked that movie, too. It wasn't perfect--it was the kind of movie I felt an urge to tinker with later, changing bits here and there--but I enjoyed it a lot, and the characters felt very real and sympathetic. And wow, Natalie Portman is an amazing actress! I'd only ever seen her in the Star Wars films before, so I think I'd had the wrong first impression of her...

I've finally finished Chapter Thirteen of Music of the Stars this morning, after about a week of slogging at it. I've reached that horrible mid-novel point where writing it feels like pulling teeth--horrible, painful, and of questionable purpose/value. However, I'm going to force myself through because I know that all novels feel this way halfway through!

Meanwhile, I'm checking email obsessively (nobody sends email the week before Christmas! how come?) (oh, never mind, don't answer that--I know I'm pathetic), working on my thesis, and trying to hastily finish up all my Christmas shopping. It's all lovely work, the kind I don't mind. And this afternoon I'm going out with a friend for pre-Christmas coffee. Very nice. :)

We're leaving town Thursday morning, and may not have internet access down in Bristol, so--in case I don't have a chance to do this again--

Happy holidays! Have a wonderful Christmas/Chanukah/Kwanzaa.

See you soon.

Read/Post Comments (3)

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