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excursions and irritations
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Don't worry, this won't be an entirely whiney post! It's just been One Of Those Days--when stupid little necessary things go missing, when shops are crowded and queues at the post office take over half an hour, when the bus fares go up and I start out the day with what seems like a manageable list of tasks only to run out of time with only half of them done...


See, that didn't take up too much of the entry!

6:30 came WAY too early today, but the good news is, I managed to write the last three pages of my newest short story, "Taking the Pledge", during our traditional early-morning writing session. So it almost..sort of...scraped in the bar for my goal of finishing it by the end of vacation!

I also went jogging today for the first time since holidays began (filled with eating, eating, eating nonstop every day!). I'm sure that later, my muscles will make me pay for it, but right now I'm feeling surprisingly good from the exercise. Let's see if I can keep it up...

I also started reading Audrey Niffenegger's The Time Traveler's Wife this morning. Gaarh! It's too good! Why didn't I think of it/write it? Ah, the injustice of the world!

In other words, I guess I'm recommending it...

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