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Cheesecake Monday
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Ohhh, so tired. Must catch up on sleep. I've been tired ever since we got back from holiday, and it hasn't gotten better yet. Maybe I'll turn into a cat or dog and move to a 16-hour-per-day sleep schedule!

The good news, though, is that there's still a bit of chocolate cheesecake in the fridge, left over from our celebratory cafe outing yesterday. (Sale, yay!) Now there's a motivation to get me moving in the morning!

It was a really nice weekend, particularly because of the sale, but also because, for once, we kept our schedule fairly light and spent a lot of time just hanging out, writing or reading. I had a nasty pressure headache off and on from Saturday night to Sunday night, which, for better or worse, kept me off the computer for most of the weekend. Since I couldn't go online or read online files, I re-read Robin McKinley's Beauty, which continues to be my favorite comfort read ever. At one point, when my head was feeling better, I also logged onto Robin McKinley's website, which includes some really wonderfully fun and funny essays on writing and life.

This morning we dragged ourselves up at the usual time and went into town to the coffeeshop while the sky was still dark. I spent the first half an hour staring at my notebook, nibbling my pen, and telling myself (and occasionally Patrick), No, I can't write, at the very least I can't write any more of the novel right now, why don't I just start a new short story, yes, why not start something new? Patrick told me very firmly that he refused to read any new short stories of mine until I wrote more of the novel. I sighed and sulked. After half an hour, I thought of a good transition to the next scene of the novel, wrote two and a bit pages of Chapter Sixteen, and felt frustrated that the writing hour had ended all too quickly, when the novel was going so well.

Now if only I could start each writing session by skipping to that middle point...

Meanwhile, I have three short stories waiting to be revised into submit-ability. They're all tugging at me at the moment, wanting to be released into the atmosphere. (Or at least the internet/postal system.) As soon as I get a bit further with the novel...

Read/Post Comments (2)

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