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tentatively cool...
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Well, it looks like Inside the Tower might get reprinted this autumn in a cool new magazine. I am tentatively very, very pleased. However, the details are all still tentative enough that I'm holding off on a serious Announcement with dates, names, etc., for at least a few more months (and ditto with serious Celebration, too). But regardless--(a muted) woohoo!

This week has been very odd. The head-ache didn't go away--at least not for long--for most of it, which meant I haven't been able to get much computer work done at all. Today I'm feeling tentatively (there's that word again!) better, but it's still a little queasy-making to look at the screen as I type. On the other hand, I've done a ton of writing on Music of the Stars--I (hand-)wrote all 13 pages of Chapter Seventeen in a 14-hour period, which is highly unusual for me. I think my mind is rebounding from the long and dismal season of being blocked on it by opening up the floodgates. I'm surprised, but I'm enjoying it a lot. And (knock on wood) it looks like I will be finishing it by my deadline of February 20th (Patrick's birthday!) after all.

Oof. Too much computer, bad for head. Must get off.

Have a good weekend, everybody!

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